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factor. thanks very much for watching us. i am bill oriley and remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ good morning, everyone. i am patty brown. >> it is friday november 23rd. thank you for watching fox and friends first. news making news. thousands of stores opened or planning to open earlier this black friday and that means long lines tarted earlier. many people got in line after the thanksgiving feast and some before that all to get hands on great. storms are open right now and shopping is well under way. 147 million people are
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expected to hit the stores this holiday weekend and many retailers are preparing for the mobs. >> look at this unbelievable video. thick fog triggering a deadly traffic pile up in texas. look at it. from the air it looked like a stack of toys. 150 vehicles twisted on to which one another. >> three cars in front and i was litirally able to top without hitting anyone. but he hit me. >> people pay attention what the hell you are doing. >> two people dead and eighty others injured. >> and huge wave slammed into a boat. a 54 year old dive exert was killed after she and 22 other
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people were thrown in the water. >> it was windy and waves rolling in. basically it cap sized us. >> the wave caught it behind and then threw you over. >> it yust flipped it three other people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. you might have to pay more in the pump. that is a proposal to increase the federal gas tax makes its way in discussion about how to solve the so-called fiscal cliff. state hoyce are joining law makers pushing for 18.4 percent tax hike. the tax last raised in 1993. hundreds of our nation's heros getting a warm welcome home in new jersey. vol tierce greeted the soldiers and served them a
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traditional turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. >> motorcycle is coming and all . people that greeted us was a wonderful experience. nbest thing i had seen in years. >> and this speed and truth event is held every year. >> that is your five on five. nthis morning, israel arrested the person behind wednesday's bomb blast on a bus in tel-aviv while the cease fire between israel and hamas is holding up. peter doocy has more in washington. >> good morning, patty. twen people - 27 people were injured when the bus exploded and an an arab-israeli is in custody for planting the bomb. pam pal militants with ties to hamas and other islamic jihadist in tel-aviv to plant
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the bomb and call would the handlers it was in place and they dialed a mobile phone that triggered the blast. the man admitted to carrying out the terrorist attack and now we'll wait and see if authorities will up the arab-israeli handlers. hours after the bus bomb exploded a cease fire was announced and john bolton one of president obama's harshest critics thinks that the president gets more credit than the egyptian president morsi. nit may be president obama who gets more credit here. he pressured egyptian president morsi and netanyahu to come to the deal because i think he was the conflict would expand. >> egyptian president morsi granted himself the ability to
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put all decision he has made and will make above the judicial oversight. the muslim brotherhood is speaking out against president morsi's efforts to broker a peace deal between israel and hamas. >> thank you. >> it is time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> good to see you and hope you had a good thanksgiving. we are starting to see a shift temperatures. you will notice a return to wunter. we have enjoyed mild temperatures with them 25 degrees above average and now in the teens in rapud city and 20 in minneapolis and guess where it is headed eastbound in the northeast and portions of the southeast will be looking for at a significant drop in temperatures in the
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next couple of days, new york city you will notice cooler temperatures by tomorrow with highs in the 40s. 27 in minneapolis and 34 in chicago highway - on high of 55 in new york. and temperatures in the 60s and cents in parts of the state of the florida and out west warm la looking at a high temperature of 81 degrees. the frontal system is having moisture and we'll see showers and rain we are talking about wisconsin ask sunshine and return to the wet weather in the city of. >> thank you, maria. it is time now to look who is talking and this morning it is it president obama. >> in a special thanksgiving edition of his weekend addresslet president holiday time is a chance to put things in perspect itch.
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>> as a nation we had a campaign season that was passionate and noise yevital to our democracy and required us to make choice and times they sets us apart insteved ties us together. what cand date we support instead of what country we bilong tompt thanksgiving is it a chance to put it all in perspective and remember despite our differences we are and will be americans first and foremost. we give tharchings to blessings that are all too rare. ability to spepped time with the ones we love and say what we want and worship as we please and know brave men and women defending our freedom and look our children in the eye and tell them here in america no dream is too big if they are willing to work for it we are that the country is home to americans that see blessings not only as gifts to enjoy but an opportunity to
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give back. americans who believe we have a responsibility to look out for those who are less fortunate and pull each other up. >> and the gop delivering its weekly address. wash congresswoman taking the opportunity for congress to work together as americans are struggling and facing tax hikes. >> this is a time of testing for our country. a hard-fought campaign came to a close. americans are out of the work our national debt exceeds the size of the economy and threatens our children's future. as a mother of young children this is a condition stant worry as is the cost of the gas and. and yet today we will pray for those less fortunate and we'll think of servicemembers away from home and give thanks for them and their families.
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and our hearts will go out to the families still without power after hurricane sandy and wilelook ahead to the holidays and new year and that same service of optimism that brings us together today should inspire us all year round and why here in washington dc republicans reached out to president obama in the hope to help our economy grow and solve the debt that threatens our children's future. >> if a deal is not reached on the fiscal cliff tax cuts will expire on january 1st. back to black friday. unfortunately fights already breaking out. this was the scene in indianapolis a few hours ago. police were called in to break
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up fights. shoppers waited in line to receive vouchers for plasma tvs and learned that some of the people were selling vouchers for profit. and right now, we are going to go with waga who is live with more. good morning and tell us what is happening there and what the scene is like? >> well, no fights here, i can tell you that. a lot of folks having a good time and spending money. we are in the mall ofia and which is the largest mall in the state of georgia and largest mall in the southeast. it opened up at midnight. and few years ago we used to come up here and cover the place and then it moved to four o'clock a.m. and now midnight. they are trying to compete with the big boxes that are opening up earlier and thingings are crowded now, it is it nothing compared to what
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it was like in midnight they are brought out by door busters and gift card scratch offs. and things where they are lined out to the place you can't walk through the mall at certain points and forget getting the food in the food court. ther expecting waves of and waves to come through the mall things are quieted down now at nine o'clock expect more and noon and three o'clock all as it progresses. the latest from the mall of georgia, back to you in new york. >> i can't believe how noisy it is right there and thank you for that report, mark. >> and spheeking of black friday, that gets us to the question of the day. are you going shopping today? let us know you can tweet us to fox friends first or e-mail
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us woleread them later in the show. time roit now. 11 after the top of the hour, coming up, the postal service is trying to dig its way out of the billions was your mail service could be getting faster. >> super storm sunday sandy nearly washed away a roller coaster and one mayor want to make that destruction and devastation a tourist attraction. we'll tul about that. ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> it is 15 after the hour and 33 homes damaged in this month's deadly blast in indianapolis and will be torn down. only four can be saved and the explosion is investigated as a murder case. this roller coaster was thrown in the ocean after super storm sandy devastated the pier underneath it it may stay in
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the ocean . mayor bill akers is working to see if the coaster is stable enough and saying it would be a great tourist attraction. >> our producer megan and we had great memories of that. the u.s. postal service is looking for ways to denerate revenue just in time for the christmas season. tian has details. >> hi. just a week after the postal service announced a 15.9 billion in losses, the agency is trying to recoup the deficit. starting inep december 12th. they will follow ebay and amazon and walmart and offer same day delivery. the metro post ames to boost profits by taking advantage of holiday shoppers who get their hands on last-packages and the
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agency is teaming up with 8-10 retailers to offer it at a $10 flat rate fee. we know that customers will have to place their orders by two o'clock p.m. the latest and items will be delivered between four and eight the same day. they hope to generate 10-50 million. and it expected 20 percent jump in package volume which is more than the rivals. they will look to expand it in other major like new york, boston and chicago et cetera. the outlook is bleak even if it makes maxed profit. that is not enough to plug the budget hole and not taking boo - into the account to run the program. >> we are all pulling for the postal service.
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time right now. 17 after the hour. it was an iconic image of sandy. new york city crane twisted in half and damaging buildings and now business owners are suing. but do they have a case? and the nba coordinating holiday cheer on the court. ♪
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welcome back it is it 21 after the hour and quick head lines for you. thick fog in the midwest and snarling people and travel plans and airlines cancelling 200 flights and delayed 1300
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others. and weather is expect tod clear up for the weekend and a nine year old utah girl became an internet sensation for her football skills. samantha gordon will be the first to be on a wheaty's box and made 25 touchdown and 65 tackles and 2000 rushing yards. she's quite a girl. >> so remember this? the crane dangling from a 90 story building due to super storm sandy. two dentist offices had to shut down for a week and they are suing the contractor among others. they do they have a case? joining us is fox news analyst. >> thank you for joining us. >> with all of the turkey in my belly. >> they are suing the contractor and crane operator and owner. do they have a case?
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>> no. i know a lot about cranes it is it specifically this type of crane. in new york city one of these cranes fell four years ago and took counsel the building. what you are supposed to do to prepare for a storm like this let it go free and let it twist in the wind. that is it the manufactured guide lines. that's what they tell you to do and that's what they did and you are supposed to do the exact opsode and you are supposed to let it go with the wind. this would be filed under the act of god. this is an act of god. winds are so strong. no body did anything wrong. sometimes accidents happen and they did the best they could which is what we know at the time is human beings thank god no one was kill hurt. and same way people decided to
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build on the beach. hopefully they have insurance. >> other lawsuits are talked about. resident calling 911 and got a busy signal and scold would for not being evacuated and told their was not an emergency and any lawsuits there in >> personal injury lawyers and those types of civil attorneys will look to see if there is negligence. >> the mistakes that were made are high and to such a degree. a jury will say if machine is having chest pain. call 311 and somebody dies, that is negligence to a degree. under thes was circumstances, the city gave notice before the in the state.
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leave and take precutions and people who fail tod do that they are out of luck. >> there are arguments now that power companies were unprepared and lipa used an old computer system and they were not prepared for beyond what you would expect. >> that is a interesting conversation to have. i mean, poem should not have no celebrity for three weeks to a month. sandy was bad but not like the sunshine sunshine that hit in eastern asia. and people who lose 10s of thousands and hundreds of thousands in business because the electric companies are not up to speed they'll look. especially if it is a big company, that has the
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resources, they probably will. governor cuomo said you have to do better from this day forward. nall right. being, arthur tharching you so much. >> good morning everyone and the time right now is 26 after the hour. still to come, a toddler stuck between a rock and hard place. wait until you hear how hoe got trapped inside of the wall. did your younger sibbling drive you crazy. there is proof. your brother or sister can be bad for your health. a san francisco gym joint with the world's first shoe box. ]n
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♪ >> welcome back to fox and friends. it is 30 minutes after the hour. and top five store storse. walmart workers walking out on the busiest shopping day of the year. (chanting) that was the scene if portland, oregon as a took to
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the streets in protest. organized protest are against low wages and benefits. walmart doesn't expect it to another the sales. clean up is far from over. one 96 year old man's reaction when he was told to get rid of the debris or get fined. nplease don't put more material on the right of way or street. where are we putting it? on the roof? >> how can anybody hand it to you. look around. >> the mayor said the city doesn't have the resources to do the clean up and resident are required to hire a contractor or do it on their own. >> new hampshire couple thankful their toddler will be okay. caden is now recovering after
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falling down an old laundry chute and getting caught up in a cable. >> i punched holds in the wall. >> i am thankful for my family. what would you do without your family . >> foir fights able to open up the wall and rescue caden. they have bolted the laundry door chute shut. >> he looks happy. nwild site in michigan. a deer smashed through the winnow and trapped itself inside. the animal managed to escape. >> and i was standing outside of the front door can watching it to run back and forth. nno one was home at the time and no word on how much damage the deer left. nba getting in the spirit with its own version of the holiday
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classic. that is carol of the balls. nba stars dribbling to the tune and new commercial highlighting the nba match up including the nick versus the lakers and each player shot their parts and it was all edited together. those are the five at 5:30. >> after eight days was fierce fighting. 160 dead and hundreds more injured. it seems that the seize fire between israel and hamas is holding up. >> leland has more for us. >> good morning. >> good morning, patty ann. so far, so good. not only did israel hold its
2:34 am
far so did hamas israel is it packing up the 40,000 reserve that it brought down to the gasa border and said time to go on home. they are headlining north as well it shows that israel believes that the seize fire is going to hold going forward. and hamas has not launched rockets. this morning there was an incident that was described as a civilian protest and palestinians from gaza approached the border fence and tried to enter israel. shots were fired and one person was dead in this protest type thing. and it appears as though it will not affect the seize fire. hamas will complain about the situation. and the other thing we are watching in israel is it the news about the bus bombing in tel-aviv. it brought back a fear of the
2:35 am
second intnada when the suicide bombers hit the buses. there were more than two dozen people injured and now security services in israel rounded up a number of people and fell they have caught those. and 12 time time 30 here on friday and waiting to see if friday prayers bring pro test in the west bank. back to you. >> leplanned viter, thank you. nand before you leave it is time for the weather. maria molina will tell us what the temps look like for the weekend. >> today is it a big shopping day in across the entire country and looking at nice conditions in parts of the east. mild temperatures in the portions of the northeast. 50s for new york city and expect those temperatures to make a dramatic change saturday ask sunday returning in the 40 new york city. otherwise in the southeast, mild and 70s in parts of
2:36 am
florida and upper 60s for the city of atlanta and you will have sunshine. westbound, colder in the portions of the midwest we had not much moisture with the frontal system. it is bringing in significantly colder air, like over in mis bark. high temperatures of 24 heading out to the stores, bundle up and carry the jackets in the area. in the rockies. sunny and 50s for denver and in a bit of a break and basically, the we have seen and now more rain on the way for the city of. we are seeing that already early this morning. >> a break in rain and in. it is back just one day for thanksgiving. and that is it time now to entertain this. tensions are running high in halle berry's house on thanksgiving. the actress boyfriend and
2:37 am
exboyfriend were hospitalized. aubrey had bruises to rib face. >> she won a oscar and golden globe and emmy and now honored by the queen of england for her act being the kate winslet receiving the award. blake owen just gave birth to a baby girl. here is owen. this is the couple's first child. here's your starting line up. we'll start with the traditional thanksgiving football. new york jets probably wished they would have stayed home and aturk te. 49-19 lossdallas cowboy rallied late. but the skins win. and over time to decide a winner in the texans lions
2:38 am
game. close game. and that game was nolt decided without controversy. and justin appears to be down but the whistle is not blown and runs 81 yard a touchdown the coach was penalized for challenging the play. sad news to tell you about. former boxing champ hector camacho was declared brain dead in puerto rico. his family deciding whether to keep him on life support. tough decision . >> still ahead. your younger siblings. they drove you crazy. and there is proof that your baby brothers and sisters can be bad for your health. it is the last chance to answer the question. get your emaims and tweets n. we'll read those next d.
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police forces in the country are bracing for black friday shorps. los angeles police department will watch from the sky and grand today. they have dodosens of officers on control and many stores are looking forward to the big crowds in staten island new york. and ther in the mall with more on nwe are used to being the only one up. and that is not the case here. in storm ravaged state state they had their first stores
2:43 am
opened and look all in all . national retail federation are ing 148 milliop will shop. and that is tomorrow and sunday. i don't want to stress you out there is only 32 days left to get all of your holiday stopping - on shopping done. the question in staten island will they be in sears and jc penny and replacing items they saw. we saw pick me up shopping after hurricane kathryn or will they stay out of the malls altogether. nand so all in aught.
2:44 am
45.2 billion is the we are talking to people about what they want. air jordan are the hot new sneakers coming out and $170 and the line for those is long. if that is any indication of the holiday shopping season, we'll run with it, right. >> lauren, thank you. >> it is time now for the brew on this response. we wanted to know if you are one of the millions of americans hitting the sales today. >> here are your resphonces. i am up this early to do the thread mill run. i would give a heck no to fighting crowds. >> why dole with the lines and times to find it all gone. i am staying at home with amazon. >> i don't drive on black
2:45 am
friday. ain't no bargain big enough. >> thank you to everyone who decided to stay at home and watch. >> and we appreciate it. 44 after the hour. and still to come. the federal government trying to keep thole -- the owl from it extinction. it is a bird or plane or tech gift. you will want to get this and see all of the tech gifts. stay with us for that. and first, juliet what is coming up on fox and friends. >> good morn happy post turkey day. i ate like 12 meals yesterday and so did dave, parently. black friday is in full swing. we'll update you. and clayton morris is coming up with tech for black friday
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upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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>> 49 after the hour. the federal government is trying to protect an owl from extinction by giving it nine million acre. the obama administration said it is it critical for the spotted owl's survival. do you feel like your younger siblings drive up your blood pressure. there could be a approximately reason for that. >> you said tell you to clean
2:50 am
up? >> said they can burden older ones with responsibility and that raises blood pressure up to six percent. younger boys bother older brothers the most . this is it a study in human biology. >> it is it black friday and start of the huge holiday shopping season and we are here and every friday from now to christmas. we'll bring you fox and friends holiday wish list. and the best list whether it is the lady or man we'll kick it off with the tech. michael manna is here to will help us out. >> you're welcome. we'll start with this. this is awesome. you have to watch and learn about what is this. >> this is a big jam box. you will have to listen to this.
2:51 am
it sounds amazing and don't put tup too loud. >> we want to hear you, right. >> besides just playing music. you can take phone calls and a blue tooth speaker phone and it can work as a blue tooth speaker. and we'll do the yoga and cardio. nand that's great. it will go in a plastic bag and take it to the beach, too. nit is it the smaller version, too with less mon yethis for the price is the best you can get. nhow much is this going to run you? >> this is it 299 and this is 199 and perfect, ipad nano what does it watch in >> great thing about this. this is it the last generation nano and the cool part about the iapproximate pod, you can attach a watch band and under $20000 can get a catch that
2:52 am
his 19 different faces including in the break. you preferred mick competent minimouse. >> and you plug your ephones in that. >> you can put it on your shirt and ipod and also a fashion statement. both together under $200. and my mother in law has this. it is it a great gift. it is it a charger for the iphone. the thing with the phone and everybody data intensative. the battery runs out and cases like this one give you the extra time to make it through the whole day or second day depending on your use and it is it a protective case. >> a four or four s iphone this is it not a four-s. >> i am ready for anything. once your watry dies.
2:53 am
you don't have to run home or charge it. nit is very, error is light. >> how much did you say that was. 130. >> yes. nthe next item is the key board. >> this is it a blue tooth device. not one or two or three. iphone or mac or pc. all you have to do is hit one of the buttons and also you don't need batteries for a solar charged key board. >> it is hard to type the tech messages on the maul iphone device. >> and sometimes it is hard to pair multiple device this make its easy pressing one or two or three use the ipad two as a laptop and type out your blog posts. nthat is it about 80 buckings. nyou can go to amawhereon and depet it for $55.
2:54 am
>> this is cool every man will be crazy about this. my husband said he wanted that for christmas. what is it? >> the ultimate tech toy. a drone. that is under $300. and just $299, you can fly it. am going to give it a shot. do it on your ipad or iphone. is it easy to fly and learn how to do it. >> i did it earlier. nit is working, thank god. and you can try that. ndo i want to try it i will crash it. >> it is an expensive camera. nwe appreciate you being here. and still ahead. everyone will be hit hard with the fiscal cliff. and resident in one state will pay a much higher price. we'll tell you which one coming up.
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>> quick head lineups, this 7th grared awarded the girl scouts medal of honor. she found her 70 year old grand mother lying on the floor. she had a kidney and bladder infection that would have killed her if not for emergency surgery. resident in new jersey face the highest tax hikings. families face a 7 percent tax hike. that is an average of $7000 a household. many sandy victims lost everything to the super storm. volunteers made sure those struggling to rebuild had a chance to enjoy thanksgiving. one woman opened her home to those who lost theirs.
2:59 am
>> i had a big apartment and empty rooms and on a whim, it was a place to stay tonight and we have room and power and come and stay. >> that was a compassionate driven community they have met in a long time. >> over in hard hit staten island. they spend time helping families clean up. >> people helping people. that is in the spirit of the holidays. >> we can get through. >> just helping out who ever needs help. when we are available and they are available no matter the day and time. >> this thanksgiving dinner had all of the trimmings and secret heart church cooked for thousands of parishoners and crafts for the kid treats for the pets. >> they are giving up their time to help those in need in the community. >> it

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